Lewiatan Moot Court is Poland’s first and biggest moot court for attorney trainees. It’s been run for the first time 2012 and this year’s edition will mark it’s 10-year anniversary. The moot is organised by Court of Arbitration Lewiatan – one of the most notable arbitration institutions in CEE region.

Teams of 2 to 4 people take part in a complete arbitration proceeding – based on our case they need to prepare statements of claim and statements of defence. Teams that were the best in the written stage go to the oral stage, which is held on 9-10 June in Warsaw. There they will compete against each others, presenting and arguing their cases before panels of experienced law and arbitration practitioners.

The core principle behind Lewiatan Moot Court is to promote the idea of arbitration as a mean of dispute settlement. It is crucial in countries like Poland, where alternative dispute resolution methods are not popular yet.

Our moot is sponsored and partnered by Poland’s major arbitration law firms and lawyers, including international big law as well as bar associations. Lewiatan Moot Court is an opportunity for everyone – for young lawyers to gain experience and learn what arbitration is and for experienced lawyers to promote their knowledge and area of expertise to the young ones.